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New products posted on Photo Escape website

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New products posted on Photo Escape website Empty New products posted on Photo Escape website

Post by PhotoEscape 8/19/2022, 4:34 pm

I've added PTU specific to loading ZERO HBWC bullets, - https://www.photoescapeinc.com/products/powder-funnel-wadcutter38.html - see last one from drop down menu on this page,

 and 30mm extension tubes with various threads conversion patterns to mitigate Ultradot's serial numbers confusion.

Tubes can be found on the same page as Rings as a separate item, - https://www.photoescapeinc.com/products/aperture-rings-kit.html

Unfortunately, there is/will be higher prices for newly machined parts.  I'm trying to keep increases to a minimum.  However cost for all raw materials and cost for secondary processes (anodizing, heat treating, etc.) went up quite substantially.


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