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DIY WiFi Turning Target System (easy to build!)

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DIY WiFi Turning Target System (easy to build!) Empty DIY WiFi Turning Target System (easy to build!)

Post by smdial 9/3/2022, 10:47 pm

I designed a printed Circuit Board (PCB) to compliment Tom's front end application.  This is a repost, I guess I posted it in the wrong area the first time.  I've been using this for two of my own turning systems...one is a 3 position outdoor range that is ran via a 12v solenoid with a pneumatic arm.  This turns the 3 targets and has been in use for years.  I had my own controller and wireless communications and then recently migrated to Tom's iPhone app.  

For those who want a mostly built system, minus the mounting board and battery, I sell a semi-complete kit:

1 - The controller (PCB)
2 - The controller above PLUS the stepper motor, battery cradle, mounting brackets, stepper motor driver, all pre-wired


However, if you want it free:

The code is available as-is, but there are a handful of people using it now, and I'm installing it at a range tomorrow to run their entire system.  The code, PCB schematics, etc., is all available at the link above. Completely open source and free, but if you want to contribute to my kids' college fund, there are completed circuit board options below where I send you hardware to take the guess work out of it.  My "System" is just a circuit board ( as you can see in the photo below, it's changed some, but relatively similar ).  I have mounting screws, but if someone has a 3-D printer and wants to design a box for it, we could really have a complete open-source project.  

You would need to come up with the target frame and circuit board enclosure (plastic/wood/etc).  As you can see below for my indoor version, it's exposed, but my outdoor system the solenoid, actuator, and PCB are literally all contained in an old plastic tool box.  Simple, easy, cheap.

There are 3 options to connect to the circuit board -- and all three are done simultaneously.  
  • Activates OUPUT power that is identical to INPUT power (think 12v systems that run via a solenoid / pneumatic actuator). 12v in runs a 12v output system.  20v in, 20v out.
  • Sends commands to a STEPPER motor output for you to use an inexpensive stepper motor (see photo below).  The concept here is below in the photo, or it could be mounted with sprockets and chains to turn a steel or PVC version of a target frame.  This is where my current code enhancements in version 1.5 are coming in, I'm allowing more control over speed, direction, and degree of turn.
  • Sends commands to activate an external relay.  This is for maximum compatibility.  By allowing an external relay (module found on Amazon for $7), you can literally turn on/ off DC or AC power when the system receives the "edge" and "face" commands.  This is currently the more popular option.  I'm considering another version of the PCB where a [url=https://media.digikey.com/pdf/Data Sheets/Omron PDFs/G3MB.pdf]solid state relay (SSR)[/url] is in place to switch/ connect 120v/220v without an external relay module.  Happy to help anyone interested in learning or using the system.

This is meant to give a lower cost option where you combine some DIY building.  Here is my version at a local indoor gun range using a 20v dewalt battery. :-) 
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DIY WiFi Turning Target System (easy to build!) IMG_0835

DIY WiFi Turning Target System (easy to build!) Img_1310

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DIY WiFi Turning Target System (easy to build!) Empty Re: DIY WiFi Turning Target System (easy to build!)

Post by Boxturtle 9/4/2022, 9:13 am

Very nice, thank you.


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DIY WiFi Turning Target System (easy to build!) Empty Simple set-up!

Post by samtoast 10/4/2022, 2:43 pm

This is such a simple and easy DIY set-up. Thank you smdial! 
Your persistent and hard work has paid off. Thank you for sharing it with the bullseye community and promoting the sport!
The self contained box connects via WiFi to Tom Talpey's Bullseye Match App (Thank you Tom Talpey). The box can be placed on a tripod, on a table or simply attached to the target circles at the range.
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DIY WiFi Turning Target System (easy to build!) Empty Re: DIY WiFi Turning Target System (easy to build!)

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