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How to Spot Scam Websites

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How to Spot Scam Websites Empty How to Spot Scam Websites

Post by SteveT 11/10/2022, 12:42 pm


I tried a couple of likely scam sights and it flagged both as scams. I double checked and "empiregunsshop.com" (2 s: guns_shop) came back as a scam and empiregunshop.com (1 s: gun_shop) did not, which is consistent with a statement made in that message thread.


When I have a question about a website, I usually just google "whois" and the website.

Here are some signs I look for. If you have other signs please share.

  • Website registered in the last year or two

  • Contradicting information - One recent website had an address in one state, the phone number area code was in a different state and the URL registration in a third state. Another said "Copyright 2012-2022" but the url was registered in 2021. Pictures of one brand and text that describes another is a red flag.

  • Site doesn't take credit cards - Sometimes they will seem to take credit cards, but there is a "temporary problem" so they will ask for another method of payment.  Some scam sights will take credit cards, so you could get reimbursed by your CC company, but the site will steal the number. Those sites don't last long, so wait a few weeks. If it disappears or no longer takes credit cards it was a scam.
  • Site takes Venmo and/or Zelle. Not many legitimate sites of any size use personal money transfer apps. I'm tempted to say the same about crypto, but some sites do take it.

  • Prices too good to be true or just a little better than Miday, Natchez, Brownells, Powder Valley etc.

  • Wide availability when known legitimate sites have very little - If the sites that buy in huge quantities and have long term relationships with the manufacturers can't get supplies it's not likely some small shop can.

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How to Spot Scam Websites Empty Re: How to Spot Scam Websites

Post by Tripscape 11/10/2022, 2:12 pm

For firearms being soo regulated apparently the scam of gun buyers is not regulated at all, and in fact probably has largest amount of scamming due to peer to peer transactions often done by non refundable means.


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