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Fun day at the range.

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Fun day at the range. Empty Fun day at the range.

Post by troystaten 12/16/2022, 11:28 pm

At the range I shoot at there are a lot of new shooters who just bought their first pistol, usually a wonder nine of some sort.  Today was no different.  I was on lane one shooting a target at 25 yards and thinking to myself how much I sucked each time a shot was out of the black (happens way to often)  and the guy to my left started blasting away at a target set up at the 12.5 yard distance.  I was shooting my 45 and I looked at my target and there where a half dozen holes that I did not recognize including one outside the 5 ring at 7 oclock low.  I knew they were not mine because they were nine mm holes.  It was funny to hear this guy and his friend talking about how the recoil was uncomfortable with the wonder nine.  I am sure the shooter was flinching, jerking the trigger and dropping the muzzle at the same time.  I don't think he was enjoying himself but felt compelled to be shooting a 9mm because that's what they do in the movies.  I really wish more gun companies and sellers would encourage shooters to start out with a 22, the shooter would do so much better and actually enjoy and learn.


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Fun day at the range. Empty Re: Fun day at the range.

Post by NWSteve 2/4/2023, 9:23 am

A couple of recent range experiences.
 I shoot at an indoor range that rents guns, so I always keep my peripheral open for shooters that post up in the lane next to me with the plastic tray. I notice the gal shooting next to me using her left hand gripped around her wrist for support. I tap her husband on the shoulder and make the hand sign showing left thumb in front of right thumb. They stop firing and let me show her proper grip. As I watch her using much better form, I notice she has been bitten by the slide, not bad but red and scraped. As he thanked me for the help, I notice he is actually bleeding from his slide bite.
 Same situation, guy teaching his SO to shoot. He is explaining the safety function and keeps saying "red is dead" WTH? I did not step in or say anything but... Red is fire, or red is live, but red is dead?
  Plenty of new shooters out there, keep your eyes open.


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