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Do It Yourself Aperture

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Do It Yourself Aperture Empty Do It Yourself Aperture

Post by xmastershooter Sat Jan 21, 2023 12:01 pm

This was posted in the original Bullseye-L about 15 years ago, before Bullseye-L Forum started.

I've experimented with producing an aperture onto a Polaroid flip-up shade attachment with good success.  There are multiple advantageous to this setup.  The hole is drilled as closely as possible onto the spot where the aiming eye would view through the shaded filter.  This will keep your head position and stance as consistent as possible.  Of course we know that our stance may change as we fatigue during the course of a match but we should be able to adjust for a string of 5 rounds during sustained fire.

It will be helpful for some if one places a small translucent piece of scotch tape onto the opposite filter as a subtle occluder for the non-shooting eye.  The 2 eyes will maintain peripheral vision so one will still feel balanced. 

When one looks through the hole, the shooter will see a brighter central area surrounded by a shaded periphery, blocking off some of unneeded the visual noise and highlighting the sight picture.

When time to walk to the target and score, simply flip up the Polaroid setup out of the way.

The only downside to this setup I've found was when shooting at Camp Perry, the strong winds kept flipping up this setup.  Be sure to keep extra tape in your gun box to secure the setup onto your eyeglasses when needed.


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Do It Yourself Aperture Empty Re: Do It Yourself Aperture

Post by RodJ Sat Jan 21, 2023 12:18 pm

I want to try this. Sometimes the bright daylight at an outdoor range makes me squint, even under a canopy.


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