SIG P240 .32 and .38; GSP in .32 FS

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SIG P240 .32 and .38; GSP in .32 FS

Post by When Accuracy Matters on 12/5/2013, 5:03 pm

I have one GSP in .32 (older type frame with upper grip retaining bolts for the grip), a P240 in .38, and one in .32 for sale.  Also an extra .32 upper section, on which the .38 purchaser will have first option.

The images are too large a file to post on the website.  Please email a standard email address and I'll send detailed images and descriptions.  The files can NOT be sent by private message through Bullseye Forum.

At this time, only one magazine available with the gun, but I will have more (and a .22 GSP and P240 upper section) in a few months. 

Any sale or pickup if not shipped via FFL: only in accord with local and federal law. 

GSP is $1100, the P240 range from 2100-2700.  Offers considered later this month.

Condition is excellent to like new despite prior use as a target gun or for other activities.

For those not familiar with these guns, the P240 is slightly more accurate than the GSP, but not by much.  Both are significantly less accurate than the SAKO, but far less fussy on ammunition and adjustment.  A replacement 2 stage trigger is available for the GSP from me.  The standard GSP trigger is single stage, adjustable for position and pull.  That trigger option is not available for the P240.  Also, the trigger POSITION on the P240 is not adjustable, but is so on the GSP.  The grip angle is sloped on both guns, about equally so.  Gun weight is similar, but the GSP can receive additional weights to the frame or barrel, or magazine.  The GSP, of course, is based on the Mauser C96, and is fully modular with regard to major systems components.

Also, the P240 is NOT made by SIG Sauer, which was a division of Sauer and more recently, Blaser.  However, the P240 uses a very similar breech locking system and many consider it the ultimate SIG Sauer for accuracy.

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