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Squeezing Hand Empty Squeezing Hand

Post by Guest 1/27/2014, 7:55 pm

Bloomer Club I shoot for had a match against Rice Lake Saturday.  I was lucky enough to shoot next to Tom Drazy.  He must have been watching me because afterwards he asked if I wanted to know why I was having occasional flyers.  I have been struggling with this for a year.  I shoot a consistent group but I will have one round often out on the edge.  Tom asked if I saw the red dot (red dot sight) almost do a half tight circle on the flyers.  I said yes.  Tom asked if I worked on grip strength and I said yes.  Tom said I bet you use either a ball or  a scissors type of grip.  I said yes.

The problem was that I was tightening my grip as I pulled the trigger sometimes and did not realize it.  That made the gun move (and resulted in that "spiral effect" with the red dot).  After a bit of practice my scores went up an average of 5 points a target!  It is amazing what an expert can diagnose.  We need more coaches and we need to compensate them!

I ordered one of those grip strengtheners for $14 that does each finger separately and am not working on holding tight while moving the trigger finger move independently.

Not sure if Tom is even on this forum, but a BIG thank you Tom!!!



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