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Zins/Moody Advanced Clinic 8/13-8/14 Beloit, WI

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Zins/Moody Advanced Clinic 8/13-8/14 Beloit, WI Empty Zins/Moody Advanced Clinic 8/13-8/14 Beloit, WI

Post by F. Paul Figlia Tue Jun 28, 2011 9:24 pm

A good friend put this first ever Zins/Moody clinic together and a few people have not ponied up as they agreed to. So this leaves openings for 3 - 4 participants. Prerequisite: You must have completed a previous Zins/Moody clinic to qualify for the FIRST EVER advanced clinic.

The clinic is presented by Brian Zins (Marine Gunnery Sergeant Ret.) 10 time National Champion and his former Coach Andy Moody (MSGT USMC ret.)
This will be a two day class, 8am – 5pm for a total of 16 hours of in depth instruction, plenty of dry firing and live fire drills with group and one on one instruction to help better understand how to improve your scores on the line. (bring your own firearms and ammunition)

Cost is $310 per person for 16 hours of some of the best training you can get for that kind of money.

Brian says to bring LOTS of ammo!

I attended the first clinic in Kenosha at the Southport Masters Gun Club. It gave me the knowledge needed to get past a hump and to the next level, the advanced clinic will be (weather permitting) all outdoors 50 and 25 yards w/covered firing points.

If interested contact me and I will forward you the bulletin to get signed up.

Joe Fobes

F. Paul Figlia
Evergreen, Colorado


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