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New LP50 Grips

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New LP50 Grips Empty New LP50 Grips

Post by Dulcmrman 6/12/2024, 5:23 pm

I've had a Steyr LP50 for some time now and I've been practicing sustained fire with it.  It came with a large anatomical grip that was too big for me.  My purchase also included a 1911 grip to emulate my other target pistols.  However, the 1911 grip that came with the gun was significantly heavier that I like and the gun's balance didn't suit me.  The length of pull was also a little long as I am missing the first joint of my right index finger.

Therefore, I talked with Andrew Berryhill of Precision Pistol Target Grips to see what he could do for me.  Well, he came through in spades!  My new grip arrived today, and it is awesome.  It fits the gun perfectly, it's noticeably lighter than the metal one that came with the gun, and he somehow did some magic to reduce the length of pull, enabling me to get better trigger finger placement on the trigger.

If you are having grip issues, I recommend Andrew's work without reservation.

Dennis, aka Dulcmrman
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New LP50 Grips Empty Re: New LP50 Grips

Post by BerryhillAC 6/14/2024, 7:54 am


Thanks for the wonderful endorsement of my work.  I love making grips for shooters who have specific requests.  Guns are made for "everyone" to shoot, but we're all different and what works for everyone isn't usually what works best for anyone.  With a 3d-printed custom grip we can get much closer to our shooting potential.


Precision Target Pistol Grips


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