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Thoughts/Reviews on Volquartsen

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Thoughts/Reviews on Volquartsen Empty Thoughts/Reviews on Volquartsen

Post by Paddy O' Furniture Sat Jun 15, 2024 12:29 am

Hi Dee Ho All,
                    Wanted get reviews if you own it, or thoughts if you don't on the current 2024 Volquartsen Classic pistol for bullseye or even informal Rapid Fire (as I don't think it quite makes the dimension/weight to be officially used in ISSF competitions), and I don't want to be the subject of uncontrollable laughter from the Pardini crowd...LOL!

As a Coastie, I was able to shoot the S&W 41, some with target grips, and never quite took to it. PLEASE, nothing against anybody who owns/competes with it. Just an observation. Just don't want to own one myself.

Thanks in advance for your advice.



Paddy O' Furniture

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Thoughts/Reviews on Volquartsen Empty Re: Thoughts/Reviews on Volquartsen

Post by Drawman623 Sun Jun 16, 2024 2:44 pm

Thoughts/Reviews on Volquartsen Img_9912

I’ve shot several older Volquartsen Rugers. They are reliable and accurate. I vastly prefer the modern trigger to the older wide style. If I had a criticism, it would be weight and balance.  I’m also not a fan of their grip options.  That said, these pistols have produced some exceptional groups for me on the range. Suggest you try it before you buy it… but my experience has been positive


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