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NJ Service Pistol and Revolver Championship - June 22 and June 29

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NJ Service Pistol and Revolver Championship - June 22 and June 29 Empty NJ Service Pistol and Revolver Championship - June 22 and June 29

Post by noalibis.mary 6/17/2024, 10:25 am

Current signups indicate we may get THREE Legs for .22 EIC, and TWO for the others (CMP Service Pistol EIC and NRA DR, and CMP Service Revolver EIC)!  This is a “combined venue” match – results from both days will be combined for all events!

NEW THIS YEAR - a random drawing for Glock certificate (more legs you shoot, more chances to win!)
We revised the course of fire for this match over the years to make is a shorter day – we go back and forth between 40 rounds and 30 rounds:
1-NRA .22 “Metallic” - 40 rounds (most use the “low ready” even if not required as a “warmup” for the EIC)
2-CMP .22 EIC – 30 rounds
3-NRA Service Pistol “Metallic”-  40 rounds
4-CMP SP EIC – 30 rounds
5-CMP Service Revolver EIC – 40 rounds
6-NRA DR – 30 rounds
LOTS OF FLEXIBLE OPTIONS - If you are not interested in Service Pistol, you may fire events 5 and 6 in place of 2 and 3, or choose the order of firing Revolver first if you want to do both (and are sharing guns)
NRA DR requires 158 gr. semi-wadcutters – if you do not want to do “separate” CMP Revolver EIC (or do it at all) you may fire one Slow Fire and then timed and rapid in event 5 as DR with the appropriate ammo.
Mostly the entry fees just cover scores submission costs, but we have a “package discount” for anyone firing “everything”!
By NJ Championship tradition, anyone with NO POINTS toward the “original” Service Pistol Distinguished, gets to shoot that (event 4) FOR FREE!
Let me know if you have questions!
Relay 1 – CRRC in West Windsor – June 22 - THIS COMING SATURDAY
Relay 2 – Cherry Ridge in Highland Lakes – June 29!


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