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CMP Plans Review of Pistol Rules

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CMP Plans Review of Pistol Rules Empty CMP Plans Review of Pistol Rules

Post by BElito Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:36 pm

I did not see any discussion on the CMP Forum site, but the March CMP Newsletter posted the following.  Please consider providing input or passing along.

CMP Plans Review of Pistol Rules-Comments Requested. The CMP Rules Committee plans to conduct a detailed review of the CMP Service Pistol Rules and pistol programs in 2014 with an objective of finding ways to increase pistol marksmanship participation and modernize the program. Every year the CMP receives recommendations to include other pistols in its definition of "service pistols" as well as calls to adopt new courses of fire. The CMP has appointed a special task force that includes Rules Committee members and several representatives of pistol shooting constituencies. They will examine past and new recommendations as well as the current situation where the often very expensive pistols needed to compete in EIC and National Trophy Matches can only be used in those matches. The CMP is absolutely committed to preserving and enhancing the Distinguished Pistol program, but it is also committed to finding ways to grow participation in EIC and CMP pistol matches. The CMP is concerned that currently participation is not growing and that the numbers of women and juniors who shoot these matches is much too low. The CMP is asking for input from anyone who has comments or ideas that might further these objectives. Please send your comments via email to Competitions@thecmp.org. Comments should be sent not later than 11 April 2014.


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CMP Plans Review of Pistol Rules Empty Re: CMP Plans Review of Pistol Rules

Post by DeweyHales Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:51 am

Thanks for posting this.

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