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Following members advice = progress :)

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Following members advice = progress :) Empty Following members advice = progress :)

Post by beeser 8/8/2014, 12:38 pm

Slowly but surely and with some stubborn resistance I've been following some of the advice kindly offered on this forum and today it seems that I've benefited from it.  First of all I've laid off using the Pardini SP and the S&W 52, guns that don't seem to bring out the worst in my shooting form and concentrated on just using my nemesis, the 1911.  I've been dry firing lately and as someone suggested very early on tried to control the effect of anticipating recoil.  I never would have imagined how hard it was to accomplish.  It doesn't take long after getting it under control for it to return again.  Anyway, with some practice persistence and maybe with the help of another suggestion, acquiring a Range Officer, I was finally able to put some holes within the circles and with some consistency.  Yeah!  And thanks!


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