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Smith Model 14

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Smith Model 14 Empty Smith Model 14

Post by Steve B 8/4/2011, 3:16 pm

Would adding, I believe it's called a Crane Lock, to the yoke on a Smith Model 14 revolver disqualify the pistol for Distinguished Revolver? I've got a model 14 that is beginning to get some looseness, with the cylinder locked up, between the cylinder and forcing cone. Looks like the yoke is moving a little when the cylinder is pushed sideways. Any and all advise is appreciated. Thanks.

Steve B

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Smith Model 14 Empty Loose Model 14

Post by Mark Patterson 8/4/2011, 5:36 pm

Steve..Power Custom makes some shims that go between the yoke and the cylinder that will take out the play..You might have to set the barrel back slightly if the play is excessive..I've used these in the past and they do a real nice job..Be careful when taking the revolver apart for cleaning as these will fall out upon removing the extractor and spring from the cylinder..They also make a real nice bearing surface for the cylinder to ride on..Good luck...Mark
Mark Patterson
Mark Patterson

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