Make believe roll

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Make believe roll

Post by 285wannab on 9/18/2014, 2:17 pm

Figured I would throw this out there, it seemed to help me so....
My 41 has a crisp trigger.  I think what I do when shooting it is take up any slack, then when I see the dot in the middle of the black I jump on the trigger.  Starting to think that all my jumps are not with the same preasure which might cause wider that I want shots.  So this last match I tried shooting my gun as if it had a roll to it.  I let the dot settle then I pull thought the mush/flesh in my finger and didn't stop till the gun went off.  I get a little more travel this way.
I also really focused on my process, yea I have the book.
Between the two I added 6 points over last week.


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