WTS or Trade Marvel Conversion Lowered to $1000.00

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WTS or Trade Marvel Conversion Lowered to $1000.00

Post by messenger on Sat Nov 15, 2014 12:58 pm

I have been bit by the Euro Bug and am selling my Marvel. It comes with a dedicated lower built by Master Bullseye Pistol Smith Dave Salyer. It comes with seven magazines, 4 metal & 3 plastic, all purchased from Marvel. The red dot is a 1 inch Ultra Dot 6 MOA mounted on Weigand rings. I also upgraded with a steel scope rib for extra wieght. It has a real sweet 2 1/2 lb trigger that Dave is famous for. The barrel test group "Badge" reads .574 @ 50 yards. Also comes with a full set of recoil springs and the original take down tool plus an after market which makes it a little easier due to the barrel weight I have installed (cut down compensator). The Marvel pistol case and spare firing pin is included. I will trade with cash for a Hammerli 208S or FWB or sell out right for $1000.00. I live in North Carolina. A FTF is preferred provided you are a C&C holder, if not we will have to do the FFL dance. I will ship and take care of my FFL holder on my end for $25.00. You are responsible on your end. My FFL will not deal with California, Utah, or any other state that requires additional BS. If you want to talk in person, my cell is 336-416-8210. Please no calls after 8:00 PM Eastern. I cant figure out how to post pictures here so if interested I will email upon request.


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