Youth programs?

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Youth programs? Empty Youth programs?

Post by s1120 on Sun Nov 30, 2014 8:12 am

With the posts of late about some changes, and ideas in the normal Bullseye programs, it got me to thinking. I know in NY, and im sure other states also, youths, and unpermitted adults can not handle handguns at all. As you can image its tough to grow the sport when there is no youth level coming up, and also new shooters can not be brought in unless they are already pistol owners. Does the NRA offer a air gun program that runs in the same format as conventional pistol? Ive frankly never shot a modern air pistol, but can they even shoot a 50 yard target? I would think if there were programs to groom those new shooters into the style of bulleye pistol, it would improve the chances of the sport growing, and still being viable in the future.


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