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New shooters? Empty New shooters?

Post by Russ OR on 11/30/2014, 1:28 pm

DrComp said, "what are you doing to attract new competitors?". Right.  
Over 15 years I've recruited half a dozen new shooters with a brief description of our sport and a friendly invite to our club's Wednesday practices for more info. - Probably half of these new shooters are still in the sport. --
Maybe it's a numbers game: Lots of the brief descriptions and friendly invites = an occasional new shooter.

At the range when I see someone else shooting that I think might be interested-(sometimes I'll be asked about the one hand shooting)- I invite them to our Wednesday Bullseye practice. --- I give them a brief description of the sport-maybe a blank scorecard-tell them all they need is a 22 pistol and the desire to improve. -- Fortunately we have an indoor multi-club Winter League that places equal value on shooters improvement as well as scratch scores. - As team captain I like to see a 600 shooter shoot over their average as much as I like to see our "Top-Gun", Chris, shoot 870-880.

This is a humbling sport. 9 - 27 - more? times a match we walk downrange to see how well or how poorly we shot. I tell possible recruits that, for starters, if they can keep most shots within any scoring ring they're doing well and that the pattern will, over time, shrink & keep shrinking. I tell them a good first goal is no-misses. 2¢    -  -Russ OR

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New shooters? Empty Re: New shooters?

Post by CrankyThunder on 11/30/2014, 3:28 pm

I tip my snow covered hat to you Russ!

I get a lot of attention at the ranges simply because of the firearms I am shooting with.  I take every opportunity to direct new shooters to our teams website and pass out cards with the contact information and web address out. 

I also have the information posted on the gun club bulletin board, at the local gun stores, at MSU Demmer, and in our club newsletter.  As you can see, I attach the web addresses to my signature not only in this forum, but on other gun forums as well. 

While this activity is rather new, I am sure we will get some attention now that the winter indoor season is starting.  Be interesting to see if we can attract any new shooters to our team. 


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