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Interesting article

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Interesting article Empty Interesting article

Post by scrum derringer 12/5/2014, 7:19 pm

Read this article and don't complain about wobble area anymore, or having tricked out guns.

Maybe it was luck or skill, but goes to show one handed shooting is still important:

Austin cop's sure shot stopped crazed gunman
scrum derringer
scrum derringer

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Interesting article Empty Re: Interesting article

Post by GrumpyOldMan 12/6/2014, 11:55 am

About equal to the 9-ring at 50 is my guess as maximum deviation from center-x. "Center mass" is maddeningly imprecise for me. Of course it could have been center-X anyway

I believe Hickok's amazing shot was 75 measured yards (after the fact by amazed locals). As I recall, he was shooting a .36-caliber round ball, about equal to today's .380 ACP in power level.

What amazes me the most is it was done with a .40 S&W. NEVER personally see anything in that caliber that could hold tighter than the outside of the 9-ring at 50, most gunzine tests and first-hand reports I have put .40 caliber handguns grouping equal to the 8-ring at 50 or worse.

This was a 104-yard shot.

Nevertheless, I will not credit that stopping the criminal shot to angels or other divine intervention, though they could certainly calm the officer and let him do his best job even without nudging the bullet.


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