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CCI SV .22 Ammo Still Available At Midway

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CCI SV .22 Ammo Still Available At Midway Empty CCI SV .22 Ammo Still Available At Midway

Post by brassmaster Sat Jan 03, 2015 10:18 am

It appears that either Midway received a large shipment of CCI SV .22 ammo or the end of the drought/crises may be in sight because after a full week after a "notice of arrival" from Midway, as of this morning, 10:00 Eastern Standard Time, ammo is still available. In addition to shooters that signed up for a "notice of arrival" email from Midway, word of mouth surely spread like a prairie fire underscoring the amount of ammo available.
Adding to the thought that the drought/crises may be over is the fact that out of the blue, my local dealer received five (5) cases from his supplier and he had not even smelled any CCI SV for two years!
Now if we could just get some Bullseye Powder.

Ps- Although I understand that dealers did not force anyone to pay $800. for a case of 22 ammo or $300. for a jug of Bullseye, it is my hope that shooters will not forget the dealers, particularly on-line, that were gouging them with ridiculous prices for ammo and continue to do so for Bullseye and other powders and boycott them when supply and pricing returns to a reasonable market value.

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