Amazing new diopter

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Amazing new diopter

Post by Henry Sapoznik on 8/25/2011, 9:20 am


On the suggestion of a friend, I just tried a new diopter which, I
must say, is unlike any I have ever used before. It is called EyePal
and, while most attached optics will help you zero in on the sights,
this amazing little piece of static cling flexible vinyl will not only
do that, but will astoundingly bring the target into sharp definition
also! The fact that I can see both the sights AND the target in
crystal clear focus is helping me sustain -- and expand -- my ability
to shoot iron sights.
I can't explain the science to you -- it is clearly expounded on
inventor Charlie Summers' website -- but it is truly eye opening
(yes, pun intended.)

Would be interested in what others think.

Henry Sapoznik
Henry Sapoznik
Henry Sapoznik

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Re: Amazing new diopter

Post by DavidR on 8/25/2011, 10:59 am

Thats cool, might want to check out these a friend was using one at our last 2700 and they do the same as the 30.00 ones but you get a set of 8 for 5.95.

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Re: Amazing new diopter

Post by ScottSimmonds on 8/25/2011, 12:45 pm

I was having trouble with my red-dot changing due to my astigmatism. First a dot - then a line - then an "L" shaped line.

Larry Carter told me to use a white target paster with a hole punched in the middle of it. Shot three times this week with the paster on my glasses - works like a charm.

I put a white paster on a block of wood and used a nail set punch to put a hole in the center. Put it on my glasses - had to reposition it a few times before my head position was correct.

I also started using a white blinder on my left eye to clear up the double vision I was getting trying to keep both eyes open. Realized I could block out peripheral vision with masking tape on the sides. Works so far.



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Re: Amazing new diopter

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