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FNG Introduction

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FNG Introduction Empty FNG Introduction

Post by IDescribe 2/26/2015, 10:03 pm

Figured I'd start off with a hello.  Wink

I am nowhere near a new shooter, but I am brand new to this discipline.  I have to say that part of the primary appeal is a general lack of satisfaction with my own shooting.  I feel like I should be a better shot than I am.   I know I will enjoy this discipline in its own right, and I hope that some of it will carry over to other shooting disciplines, as well.

I like to tinker, and I love loading my own ammo.  I used to say I reloaded to facilitate my shooting habit, but now it seems like I shoot to justify my reloading habit.  I am looking forward to honing new levels of precision.  And I am the proud new owner of a Ransom Rest.  Let the boring, methodical testing begin!  Wink

Locally, here in Florida, I have a club about 45 minutes away that shoots a 900 every Saturday of the year, your choice of pistol.  There are two clubs within two hours that have either an 1800 or 2700 nine months of the year, and two others in the state that do nothing but 2700 matches.  I'll have as much bullseye shooting as I want, which will be a lot.  Looking forward to learning from you all.


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FNG Introduction Empty Re: FNG Introduction

Post by BE Mike 2/27/2015, 8:29 am

Welcome aboard. When I first started, one of the attractions was that while shooting a match, I could focus on nothing else, so for a while, my daily worries could be brushed aside. It is truly recreational! My practical side was attracted to the sport because I was learning a useful skill. Bullseye instills the basics of marksmanship and safe gun handling. I've found that it is a good foundation when one does cross training to other handgun sports, as well as, defensive carry. Of course other areas need attending to, such as reloading, malfunction drills, two-handed grip, drawing/ re-holstering, etc., but the hardest part (consistently hitting your intended target through sight alignment and trigger control) has already been instilled. I found my bullseye pistol shooting background my greatest asset when I ventured into international pistol, handgun hunting, metallic silhouette, PPC, Action Pistol, Steel Challenge, IPSC, combat qualification courses and even High Power rifle and international air rifle.
BE Mike
BE Mike

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FNG Introduction Empty Re: FNG Introduction

Post by DavidR 2/27/2015, 11:11 am


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FNG Introduction Empty Re: FNG Introduction

Post by Guest 2/27/2015, 1:52 pm

Good start ID, I used to think I was a pretty good pistol shot when shooting tin cans, and bottle caps with guys in the neighborhood.

Then I got a gun club membership, and still thought I was hot stuff.

Then one of the members talked me into trying the pistol league match.
 That's when I found out that I was the worse shot on the firing line.

So if bullseye shooting helped me go from the worse shot, to somewhere in the middle, then it will help you too. 

Also, shooting two or three pistols gives you lots of opportunities to work up loads for 25, and 50 yards.


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FNG Introduction Empty Re: FNG Introduction

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