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going from pistol to rifle

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going from pistol to rifle - Page 3 Empty going from pistol to rifle

Post by orpheoet 3/20/2015, 9:12 pm

First topic message reminder :

I'm planning on dabbling with high power rifle. Any thoughts on making the transition? I'm just curious, I'm sure members of this forum are proficient in both pistol and rifle. I have virtually zero rifle experience......

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going from pistol to rifle - Page 3 Empty Re: going from pistol to rifle

Post by JayhawkNavy02 12/12/2015, 11:32 am

Jewel was the name I was looking for not the Mk III.  "All" is a strong word, but most last for several thousand without issue and can be corrected if they lighten up without having to discard them.  We do it all the time at matches.

AMU rifles are built exceptionally well, it would be hard to replicate with off the shelf parts, most of us won't get equivalent rifles.  When I was at their shop at FT Benning I was blown away at the quality of barrels they turned themselves and the sights they built.  If you have $$$ David SAMs will build you a quarter MOA rifle, but not sure it's nessecary to be competitive, and to be honest, it wasn't required to be the national champion either.

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going from pistol to rifle - Page 3 Empty Re: going from pistol to rifle

Post by robert84010 12/12/2015, 11:53 am

the thing about the Jewel is that it is a nice trigger, it's design just won't hold service rifle weight for long, but the break is nice when setup properly. At the time I only shot rifle once a year though so I didn't really care but I had to adjust it every year! When I started it was about the only trigger you could buy off the shelf, Geiselle didn't come out for several years, Milazzo were not being made, RR not into AR business yet. Holliger stopped selling RR triggers for some reason? Mine eventually started to have problems with weight. Krieger-Milazzo is still solid after 5 years in both match rifle and service rifle configurations.
I owned a rifle built by Quantico armorer for a time built just like a team rifle- pinned sight, KM trigger, Douglas barrel. Basically just what anybody can buy from White Oak or Compass Lake. That is the great thing about AR's. A great shooting M1A is not as easy.


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going from pistol to rifle - Page 3 Empty Re: going from pistol to rifle

Post by C.Perkins 12/12/2015, 3:51 pm

Just installed my hi speed national match, match rifle trigger in my precision build a few minutes ago.
Wow, is all I have to say.
Will try and get out tomorrow and live fire it.
$209 shipped during the black Friday sale.
Do some research, they can be had for $200. ish.
Just a side note, the match rifle and service rifle triggers are the same price, just come with different springs.


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going from pistol to rifle - Page 3 Empty Re: going from pistol to rifle

Post by Phil McGrath 12/12/2015, 3:59 pm

I watched this post for some time and a few replys are interesting too say the least..... If your looking too get into Service Rifle with the Ar-15 and not spend money threw the nose take a long hard look at the Rock River's NM AR15 A2 or there NM flat top.

Buy the time you wear it out you will and have built up your shooting skills and you will know exactly what and where too upgrade as they make for a great foundation too build on.

If your a .30 shooting Wood and Steel loving brother a M1 in .308 is tuff too beat or the M1A are your only real options the big Ar is a soulless creature... And no you don't need a Team Van or Armorer too follow you around and keep your toys up and running on the firing line.
Phil McGrath
Phil McGrath

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going from pistol to rifle - Page 3 Empty Re: going from pistol to rifle

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