.32 ACP reloading

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.32 ACP reloading Empty .32 ACP reloading

Post by carykiteboarder on 3/24/2015, 3:03 pm

DISCLAIMER: YOU are entirely responsible for your reloading.  If this information is wrong and you use it, it's your fault for not cross checking and starting with the customary reduced loads etc.  That done...

For my .32 ACP Pardini HP, a suggested load from the folks from whom I bought the gun was Hornady/Frontier brass, Winchester small pistol primers, Hornady 60gr XTP JHP bullet, 1.8gr Vhit N310 powder, C.O.L. .894", crimp .330" (important)  NOTE: This is above the maximum load (1.7gr) in the Hornady reloading manual for that powder.  It is, however, consistent with velocities for Hornady .32 ACP commercial ammo.

It was suggested that I use a Hornady seating die with micro-adjustable stem insert.  Taper crimp with a separate die/station.

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