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Camp Perry Planning

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Camp Perry Planning Empty Camp Perry Planning

Post by Kermit Workman Wed 29 Apr - 22:38

It has been a while since I have been at Perry. With the new hunts what is needed for bedding? Do you still need to provide Sheets,Blankets and Pillows?
Do the new hunts have have any tables? I always took a card table.
What about refrigerators?
I understand that they are air conditioned,is that correct?

Kermit Workman

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Camp Perry Planning Empty Re: Camp Perry Planning

Post by SteveT Thu 30 Apr - 10:13

I think you need everything except the air conditioner. My understanding is that new huts are the same as old huts except the pads are higher (no flooding?), the buildings are sturdier and insulated and they have HVAC built in.

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Camp Perry Planning Empty Re: Camp Perry Planning

Post by jwax Mon 11 May - 16:55

Still need to bring bedding, and don't forget the mud boots!
We use a couple of large coolers and buy ice. Table is a good idea if you have room- these are the same size as old huts, and 4 shooters and their gear can get a little crowded.


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Camp Perry Planning Empty Re: Camp Perry Planning

Post by Froneck Tue 12 May - 23:44

The new huts are slightly bigger than the old, I had a new hut last year. They also have a locker type cabinet for each bed, better place to keep your stuff than that shelf they had in the old huts. Overall the new huts are nice! However nothing is provided, hut contains 4 new beds with new mattress, 4 lockers and one air conditioner. You bring everything else. Floor is new. They built the new huts from the ground up. Didn't use the floors in the old huts plus the extra space being that the New Huts are slightly bigger is a plus.
 Since you have not been there a while and I assume you were there when blankets, pillows and bedding were provided. Then I also assume you were not there since the Tornado hit Perry and scattered the bedding all over Port Clinton. Then you should also be advised that the Tornado hit the Mess Hall too. It's gone! So is the National Guard support for the Mess. Currently one of the Barracks Mess Halls is being used and run privately. It definitely is not the Mess of the past years. Some like it but I don't.


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Camp Perry Planning Empty Re: Camp Perry Planning

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