Hello All....new here

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Hello All....new here

Post by Paper-Puncher on 9/22/2011, 9:14 pm

Just found this sight....thought I'd say hello....I'm a Bullseye Pistol adict.....though I just shoot as a hobby and struggle with it alot I really enjoy it......There are no leagues that I can be in due to work scheudle and none of my local ranges have shoots on the weekends.....but still I'm hooked on this stuff......I mainly shoot @ 50ft with the proper targets and I have 2 Ruger MKIII's that Ive done all the goodies to 1 of them is a 5.5 bull barrel with a red dot and hogue grips and the other is a 6 7/8 tapered target model with herrit national match stocks which I shoot with the open sights....I also shoot some Air Pistol in my basement @ 8.5 meters with a target sized for that distance thanks to the scatt software download.......I shoot the Air Pistol stuff with a IZH-46m......so again hello all......hope to learn something here.....Anyone in the springfield Ohio area???? again hello.......Keith


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Re: Hello All....new here

Post by Larry Lang on 9/23/2011, 10:07 am

Welcome to the forum Keith. You have the proper equipment to get started. Too bad there is not a range near you that has a BE program.

In WA state our matches draw shooters from 200 miles south or east. Set aside some money for fuel and introduce a friend to our sport. Good company on a long drive.
Larry Lang
Larry Lang

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