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Sanctioned league administration

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Sanctioned league administration Empty Sanctioned league administration

Post by Motorcycle_dan 5/27/2015, 10:58 am

I am holding a NRA sanctioned air pistol league.  It is a weekly re-occuring league.  At the end of 10 weeks the league ends and the new league starts the following week.  Since we started, membership has grown to over 10 shooters.  Prior to that the NRA was giving us a break at $5/shooter. 
What we do for the league is shoot ten 30-shot matches.  At the end of 10 weeks the high 8 scores are tallied for league score.  Drop the lowest two scores or allows someone to miss up to two shooting nights.
I send the spreadsheet to the NRA with all the scores as well as the final score of (example 2154/2400) possible.  It identifies the shooter by NRA number, Name, address and DOB.
I send the league fee ($50) and the league report form in addition to the spreadsheet of scores.
This is after the league is complete. 
We have officially started the new league now.
Does the NRA need notified of this?  I have yet to see our league advertised in SSUSA or any other publication.  Am I doing it wrong?

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Sanctioned league administration Empty Re: Sanctioned league administration

Post by STEVE SAMELAK 5/27/2015, 11:03 am

I thought that the 10 meter air pistol course was 60 shots.
I also thought that the NRA needed to be notified in advance.

Of course I am wrong on a regular basis

Good luck, good effort, too bad I'm too far away

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Sanctioned league administration Empty Re: Sanctioned league administration

Post by KelseyECS 5/27/2015, 9:12 pm

I ran an NRA-sanctioned postal league for six years (up until about 2005).  I expect that most of the rules have stayed the same, so here are my thoughts.
If this is a 10 week league that you are reporting in a single report, you should only pay the reporting fee ($5 per your note, it used to be higher as I recall) for the entire report.  So you should be paying $5 per shooter.  (You mentioned a $50 fee, which would be correct for 10 competitors)  I hope that you're not paying $50 per shooter, e.g. $5 for each of the ten weeks).
However, you should be reporting all shots fired.  You can award placements based on the top 8 of 10 scores, but for purposes of classification you have to report all shots fired.  There is no need for the number of shots fired to be the same for all competitors, nor does the league have to be any particular number of shots (e.g. it doesn't have to be 60 shots or multiples of 60 shots).  The NRA reports are pretty simple; what was the total score, how many shots were fired, did anyone shoot themselves in the foot.
By the way, unless things have changed, the NRA will give an initial or update an existing air pistol classification every time they have 180 shots or more on file, but they won't break up that last report if it exceeds 180 shots.  So if competitors in your league fire 300 shots, or 240 shots, or even only 180 shots, they will receive a new or updated classification with every report that you send the NRA.
There used to be a box that you had to mark on the paperwork requesting a league (or a match) if you wanted it to be included in SSUSA’s upcoming matches.  The default is to not include the match in the notices.  You have to click the box.  As I recall they require 6 months prior notification.
I would suggest that you actively market it whether you include it in the NRA match listings or not.  Ideally you would have a website where you could post scores, the league bulletin and any other useful information.
When you put in for the league you’ll probably need to include a match program.  Once you submit for the league you should get a confirmation of the NRA’s approval back.  Ten years ago you were required to have an NRA club identification number.  I was running the pistol program for our club, so I just used it.  I’ve heard that they no longer require this for leagues, but I think you may want to check on that.  If they do require I’m sure that you can find an NRA-affiliated club that would allow you to use their number.
If you are firing a typical postal league, where you send targets (or stickers for the reverse side of the bullseye to denote league targets) and the targets are returned for scoring, you should consider the quality of the targets that you’re using.  I wouldn’t fire any more than five shots per target, and if you are firing five shots per target you’ll need quality targets (e.g. Kroger or Edelman).  However, the NRA can be picky about using targets without their seal of approval even when the dimensions are identical.  I would apply the “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule here.  If you have any master-level competitors you’ll find scoring five shots per target on standard quality targets very challenging.  You should also ask competitors to use a good backer, as it will contribute to cleaner holes that are easier to score.
Good luck with your league.  It’s a great service to those who don’t have clubs firing sanctioned competition within driving distance (as is usually the case for air pistol competitors).


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Sanctioned league administration Empty Re: Sanctioned league administration

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