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Shooters’ Committee Update

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Shooters’ Committee Update Empty Shooters’ Committee Update

Post by tbrong Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:38 pm

Since many of us will be attending the National Matches at Camp Perry in a few days, I thought now would be a good time to inform the bullseye community about the progress we’ve made. Five months has elapsed since our formation, so please use this link ( https://www.bullseyeforum.net/t3656-new-competitors-committee ) for context. 

The committee has been actively meeting mainly by phone and email.  In late April those of us who were able to travel to NRA Headquarters had a meeting with the Director of Competitions.

From reviewing message boards, emails and social media, the lack of promotion appeared to be an almost universal concern among shooters. Granted, the lack of promoting any of the shooting sports appears to be an incredibly chronic issue.

The number of other unresolved issues that we’ve received from the community over the past five months was quite large. Those items are so extensive it’s unrealistic for a small group to address them all. From the standpoint of practicality, members of the committee decided to concentrate their efforts on promoting our sport. 

During our April meeting we did obtain a few modest concessions.

  • The Competitions Department is in the process of devising a local club based marketing program to entice new club members about the benefits of participating in bullseye. Its purpose is to target people who have never been exposed to our sport, and hopefully it’ll become a feeder system for pistol leagues and matches. 

  • Another item that’s in the process of being crafted is an automated press release system. It will provide basic information to your local media, print or electronic, about upcoming registered and approved matches. People in your local community will know that your bullseye event exists and that they’re welcome to attend or observe. 

  • The last item is a simple change to Shooting Sports USA. During its monthly release, possibly starting in August, there will be a modest amount of column space dedicated to addressing potential or unresolved issues. Just about any kind of problem could potentially be addressed there (i.e.  Rules, operations, reporting), and then be answered by the appropriate department manager. SSUSA doesn’t have the column space for an ongoing 500 to 800 word piece, so it will be brief and rely heavily on useful links.  It’s not a complaint box but a way to solicit knowledgeable help. And it’ll be tailored so the other shooting disciplines can utilize it.

Granted these items are modest in scope, but it’s a beginning.  With any luck the committee can build on its current labors and we’re enthused about our future opportunities.  

Hopefully through encouragement and persuasion, the NRA may take up the responsibilities of developing national marketing programs for print, television and social media for the benefit of our sport.

The Shooters’ Committee will meet with representatives of the NRA again late in the afternoon on Wednesday, July the 8th at Camp Perry. 

If you’re planning on attending the nationals, you’re encouraged to approach any member of the committee with your concerns or suggestions. Their names are listed below.

If you prefer, use this forum as a way of reaching out to us. Not only will we read it, the NRA will too.


Tony Brong



Brian Zins
Phil Hemphill
Brenda Silva
Tony Brong
Rob Kovach
Frank Greco


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Shooters’ Committee Update Empty Re: Shooters’ Committee Update

Post by Guest Thu Jun 25, 2015 8:27 pm

Thanks for the update.  Possibly NRA could set up a new fund to raise money for bullseye events.  I would certainly donate.



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