Having extractors made for S&W 52-1?

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Having extractors made for S&W 52-1?

Post by tschiemer on 6/28/2015, 12:36 pm

Has anyone checked to see if a 52-1 extractor might be made? I was able to find 2 spares for myself with great effort and no one has them in stock.

I am wondering if a group buy might interest someone in manufacturing. Perhaps this has been done.

I was thinking buying 100 might interest someone and drop pricing- if enough are of interest. It is just an idea and maybe is not workable.

Here is my pair received yesterday. I paid $110 in trade for one and $100 cash for another. Impossible to find.


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Re: Having extractors made for S&W 52-1?

Post by C.Perkins on 6/28/2015, 2:10 pm

I found a new old stock one last August and paid $55.
Now that I found a spare, the original one will never break Smile

In my honest opinion, the 52-1 extractor breakage is due to owners removing and reinstalling them which over flexes them.
I see no need to ever remove one.
Nothing a little compressed air and a toothbrush can not take care of.

I rarely see anyone looking for a 52-1 extractor but see many looking for the 52-2's.

Only purchased mine for that just in case moment.


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