FS Colt Kit Gun .45

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FS Colt Kit Gun .45

Post by sixftunda on 7/18/2015, 9:01 am

I have a Colt Kit Gun for sale.  It is a tight shooting gun but has some cosmetic issues.  I used it through last winter with a frame mount that has been taken off and sold.  There are holes in it.  It also has a counterweight welded to the bottom of the dustcover.  There are no sights on the gun right now.  It has a dovetail on the rear and a stakehole on the front, so a dovetail would need cut but really this gun would be better used as a wadgun. 
The front strap and MSH have some nice stippling on them.  I was never able to determine who the original gunsmith was for this gun. 
It definitely prefers lead loads and I got the best groups with 200 gr SWC and 4 grains of BE or 700x.

With a slide mount this gun is ready to shoot a match.  You could certainly have someone remove the counterweight if you wanted.  If you wanted to reinstall a frame mount you would need to contact KC Crawford as he is the only gunsmith I know of with the model mount you need and currently I do not believe he has one. 

I had offered the gun to someone here for 800 but have since decided to lower that to 725 shipped. 

I am also willing to trade for the following items:
Zero 185JHP bullets
Aimpoint Micro
Ultradot HD Micro

Please post your email if you would like pictures or my cell number to discuss further. 


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Re: FS Colt Kit Gun .45

Post by HenryA on 7/19/2015, 5:17 pm

I am interested and I just sent contact info via PM.


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