lets talk ppppffffttttt ! err.... pop!

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lets talk ppppffffttttt !  err.... pop! - Page 2 Empty lets talk ppppffffttttt ! err.... pop!

Post by guncheese on Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:54 pm

First topic message reminder :

starting a new thread to continue this thing

Rob, ive run many thousands of powder coated with loads as low as 3gr of BE
but almost all of them were LPP
ive only run these SP brass thru a few times and i mostly use fluffier powders  red dot,700x and the like,
i dont really use BE that much, i guess ive been holding back my stock while i use up the other powders i have

that bullet in the picture has been squeezed by the bore, its at .450" the size of the bore in the Kart barrel
they started life at .452"
now remember that bullet was probably run at 300fps or something very slow like that
so it wont show much evidence of powder burn

i reassembled those 50 that i pulled (remember everyone had the proper amount of powder)
and i ran them out today (mostly in my .45scp revolver)
i had 1 of those that went pppfffttt  and the bullet hit the target and landed on the berm
i have it on my desk. i heard it go POP and i heard it smack the target SLOW!
here is one thing that i didnt attribute to any thing  but i bet its the cause
the butt end of the bullets when i pulled them had a coating of powder on them from static charge on the polyester coating
it fell right back in the case when i brushed it off.
im betting that that powder (im sure 1/2 gr or something tiny) was the only powder that ignited in those pppffftt rounds.
the primer fires, its blast hits the bullet butt and ignites that bit of powder and doesnt ignite the rest of it laying way below
the flash hole,as i had seen plenty of unburnt powder in the bore after a pffffttt
it couldnt be just the primer driving the bullet out the bore thru the target and down range
so we had to have a bit of powder helping out.

so unless im in need of bloopers
im using fluffy powders with SPP
or one could try SPM or heaven forbid SRP

ohh and for Rob
i use a auto disc pro on the load master
it has no trouble dropping what i ask of it using BE
other bigger flake powders dont work so well in light weights
as a side note this 3.4 gr load when it lights is a real good shooter in my 1911
not as well in the revolver as it has to short of barrel, but still a fun shoot

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lets talk ppppffffttttt !  err.... pop! - Page 2 Empty Re: lets talk ppppffffttttt ! err.... pop!

Post by DavidR on Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:40 am

The problem with this thread is we all kind of ran down the rabbit hole thinking this was all related to bullseye shooting till you told us it wasn't and you were not interested in bullseye shooting.

At the header of the main page rests these words;
Bullseye-L Forum
A Forum dedicated to the sport of Bullseye shooting.

Therefore we expect all posts to be related to the pursuant of the sport in some form or fashion. Light loads are of some interest to shooters but only if their accuracy can be stated, and the new painted bullets have yet to have anyone post as to their accuracy which is a question that has been asked but not answered as of yet. I had hoped you would provide us with some of those answers but I guess not. I see no need to delete the topic but it would be nice if any further info could be more related to accuracy and our sport that just about bullets that go bang or not.

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lets talk ppppffffttttt !  err.... pop! - Page 2 Empty Re: lets talk ppppffffttttt ! err.... pop!

Post by Rob Kovach on Wed Aug 19, 2015 12:24 pm

BE Mike wrote:but this whole topic is just academic

yes it is! almost purely acedemic
i am not a bullseye shooter the only local shooter i know of is Chip, and he has to travel to compete 
there are .22 leagues locally  but im not interested really
but i follow very similar disciplines, hence my hanging about here asking acedemic questions 
and i do beg to differ on the light loads (not going to reference it here, but there is plenty of info on that)
ive shot thousands of loads this light and lighter and they always go bang
till Mr. SPP was used
so yes purely acedemic
but arent you the least bit interested?

I'm locking this thread.  This was a big waste of time.  There are way too many variables here to figure out why this 1 batch of Guncheese's ammo didn't light properly....we are done here.
Rob Kovach
Rob Kovach

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lets talk ppppffffttttt !  err.... pop! - Page 2 Empty Re: lets talk ppppffffttttt ! err.... pop!

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