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Kudos to Fred Totts, Kodiak Machining, Inc.

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Kudos to Fred Totts, Kodiak Machining, Inc. Empty Kudos to Fred Totts, Kodiak Machining, Inc.

Post by Dipnet 9/10/2015, 10:08 am

I sent an Aimpoint H1 to Fred Totts of Kodiak Machining to mount on my Rock River slide. Due to the slide's serrated flattop being cut too deep (originally by Rock River), the job did not go as planned. Without long explanation, the original barrel bushing was no longer tight and when reassembled, the pistol would not group.

This was my "prized" and formerly accurate BE 45 and the first semi-customized pistol I ever owned. I am afraid I did not respond well to this. Fred, however, remained a calm gentleman. We agreed to let a third party fix the errant bushing and Fred covered the cost. We shooters are lucky to be served by consummate professionals like Fred Totts.
Sometimes a job just goes south; what the gunsmith does about it tells you a lot about them. So, Thanks Fred. Noel (aka dipnet)

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