NOBEL SPORT VECTAN BA-10 Powder Question

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NOBEL SPORT VECTAN BA-10 Powder Question

Post by AllAces on Thu Oct 29, 2015 3:45 pm

Has anyone tried Nobel Sport Vectan BA-10 powder for their wad gun loads.  Grafs has it in stock for $25 per 1.1 lb.  The published load data is showing a starting load of 3.8 gr for a 200 gr bullet for 820 fps. The burn rate chart places it in the same burn rate as N310 and Bullseye.

For .38 special 148 gr BB wadcutters they recommend 2.5 gr for 738 fps.

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Re: NOBEL SPORT VECTAN BA-10 Powder Question

Post by Blsi2600 on Fri Oct 30, 2015 1:35 pm

Very usable powder at a reasonable cost.  In stock and available from Graf. 

Clean burning.  Single base.  Temp sensitive.  Add a little for cold weather. Reduce a little for hot weather.  Keep ammo out of direct sunlight heating to avoid noticeable increase in recoil.  

Same burn rate as VV310.  Slightly faster than Bullseye.  

Meters better than flake powders like Clays, 700x, Red Dot.  Not as good as ball powders like WST, TiteGroup.

Start load.   3.8 gr BA-10, 185 gr Zero swaged lead HP wadcutter, Winchester primer, .465 crimp, .920 to shoulder.



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