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CMP EIC Pistol Shooters in Kentucky

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CMP EIC Pistol Shooters in Kentucky Empty CMP EIC Pistol Shooters in Kentucky

Post by gptuners 10/30/2015, 4:24 pm

I'm trying to gauge interest in CMP EIC Pistol in the Bluegrass State. I just started shooting Bullseye this year after a friend convinced me to go to Camp Perry with him. I had a great time up there. Everyone was awesome, and I started taking practice a bit more serious. 

However, I quickly noticed that most of the matches seem to be six plus hours away. I found some clubs through the CMP website, but I never see any EIC matches in Kentucky. I'd like to see how many people in the Kentucky area might be willing to shoot EIC Pistol, so that I can approach a few local clubs and see whether or not they'd be interested in hosting a meet.

Unfortunately, I'm only shooting ~210 on a NMC, so I can't earn points yet. That's a big reason why I'd love some close matches. I can get some competition without incurring gas, food and travel costs. I can't really justify travel costs over ammo costs (I need trigger time more than competition) if I can't make the point cutoff.


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CMP EIC Pistol Shooters in Kentucky Empty Re: CMP EIC Pistol Shooters in Kentucky

Post by BE Mike 10/31/2015, 10:12 am

There isn't much in KY since the Bluegrass Sportsman's League quit shooting bullseye pistol matches. Here is the link: http://bgslinc.com/ Even the KY State Pistol Championship is held in southern Indiana, because of the lack of interest in KY. Nothing says that you can't go to a monthly 1800 or 2700 and just shoot the centerfire match with your EIC pistol. It is a good way to train. There are plenty of 2700's in the Cincinnati area.
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