All Sold: 9mm Dies, Bullets, Brass

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All Sold: 9mm Dies, Bullets, Brass

Post by Patrick C on 11/29/2015, 9:39 pm

Everything sold, thanks everyone.

Dillon RL550B 9mm Conversion Kit and Dies
For sale is a 9mm Conversion kit (funnel and shell holder) and set of 9mm pistol dies that fit a Dillon RL550B. Both items are new and unused. Both together for $70, shipped.

Zero 9MM (.355) Diameter - 115 GR JHP (1,000)
For sale, two 500 count boxes of Zero 9MM (.355) Diameter - 115 GR JHP. I opened one box to take the pics you see. The second is still sealed. $90 shipped.

Starline 9mm Luger Brass – New Unfired
Starline 9mm Luger brass. Unfired. 1,000 count. Not once-fired or range brass — this is the same bag of brass that comes from Starline. $100 shipped.

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Re: All Sold: 9mm Dies, Bullets, Brass

Post by csdickson23 on 11/30/2015, 10:20 am

I'll buy the Zero bullets.  Please send me payment instructions.  

Thanks, Craig Dickson


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