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Post by Paper-Puncher Sun Dec 18, 2011 4:32 pm

If youve read any of my posts on the work Ive done to my range officer.....than you know where I'm at......I went to the range yesterday and shot it for the first time after the improvements......Open sighted....slow fire 25yds.....25 total rounds.....group size was like 2.5 inches or inside the 8 ring.....today after I shot my 50ft targets for the league I run.....I picked up my 2nd ruger MKIII 6 7/8 tapered target with open sights .....Put a 25yd slow fire target on the runner and shot 20rds .....group size was like 2.5 inches.......so This tells me 2 things #1 I need to work on my open sight shooting and #2 since I'm shooting the same with my (open sighted .22 & .45) both guns that my Range Officer with its improvements is where I needs to be for target shooting......I figured the improvement would help but I didnt think I'd be able to shoot as well with a .22 as a .45......granted I do much better with a dot .....but still I'm happy that my range officer would seem to have what it takes to shoot BE........Very Happy


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