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S-1000 Powder Empty S-1000 Powder

Post by Ernierod on Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:38 am

Does anyone have hands on experience with S-1000 powder and 185/200 LSWC ammo (45 Cal)?? Any comments on accuracy or loads would be appreciated.TNX


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S-1000 Powder Empty Re: S-1000 Powder

Post by bruce martindale on Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:37 pm


I had very poor velocity spreads and dirty inconsistent burning with 4.2 grs and a 185 lead.
Malfunctions,a lot of unburned powder forward of the gun

lead, 4.2 S1K gave around 720 fps but with better std deviations (17 to
20) but not like Bullseye which gave me std dev 10 to 12 in 45 loads and
with less powder (3.9 grs).

Shotgun loadings, exactly to their data, are 150
fps low in the lighter payloads, they favor 1 1/8 loads to get close to
spec velocity

It is supposed to be a "fast" powder but isn't. Acts more like Green Dot.

Turns out there are or were multiple manufacturers of it, each with varying results.

Where was your powder made? That said, I like the feel of it. I would use Green Dot or may N320 next time if I could get any.

bruce martindale

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