Brass Dispensers for Reloading FS

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Brass Dispensers for Reloading FS

Post by John Dervis on 6/24/2016, 10:11 am


  I have been using some repurposed coffee dispensers for my empty brass.  At the time I got these, I thought I would use one for each caliber but I found they are really too big for small quantities so I only use a couple.  I have 5 or 6 available that I would like to sell.  They work pretty well as is for shorter semi-auto cartridges but they can be modified pretty easily for revolver or .223 length cases if that's what you use.  The overal dimensions are 14x14x7 for the main body of it.  Add 3-4" for the handle mechanism.  The pictures show the hopper with 2000 9mm cases with a lot of extra room so you get an idea of how much they can hold. (Brass not included)

I have a feeling these would be too expensive to ship so I would prefer to deliver them at Camp Perry if possible.


Let me know if you are interested.

Sorry but I can't seem to get the photos to load.  PM and I will send them directly. Thanks.

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