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Post by Doug Tiedt on 7/5/2016, 11:46 pm

You've probably seen the posts from Andrew for his 3D printed grips.  You may have wondered if they hold up, if the anatomical grip is
for you, if you want to even spend that much cash on it?  Those questions described my thoughts.

If you are curious to try an anatomical grip but don't want to lay out $200+, this is your answer.  If you need to have the prettiest
gun on the line then move along, nothing to see here.

A more detailed review:

I've never even held a gun with an anatomical grip, and so I was a bit unsure about it.  Numerous emails exchanged with Andrew
(who is very patient and takes pains to explain things) convinced me to try it out.  Another big factor in my decision is that Andrew
makes grips for folks that are cross-dominant and I was recovering from tendonitis in my shooting elbow...

I bought the sized grip (not custom fit).  A small bit of careful sanding (never take off too much!) has it fitting the gun and my hand
quite nicely.  I bought the wood composite grip which does not feel plastic, more like MDF.  I personally don't like the feel of plastic
(or bakelite) grips and so this option was worth the small increase in cost to me, ymmv.

I also had Andrew stipple it, which I learned a little later is easy enough to do yourself.  And since I sanded the "high spots", I have
already removed the stippling there.  So, I'd recommend you do that yourself if you want a rougher texture, but after you have the
grip the shaped and finished the way you want it.

Additionally, I pointed out a small flaw to Andrew; he apologized and insisted on fixing it asap.  He printed up another set of grips
for me, no charge.  He really did want the customer to be satisfied.  He appears to be quite sincere about servicing bullseye
shooters and having happy customers to help grow his business. Andrew has updated his webpage a couple of times since I ordered
them; most of the additions concern finishing work by the customer.  He also appears to have improved the ordering system (just a few
months ago we used email). 

I bought these grips for my 22 (S&W41).  I've just recently gotten strong enough to tolerate the recoil of a 22 pistol for an hour
of shooting.  So I'm just starting out with the grips, but so far I am happy with them.  And I was already pretty satisfied with the
factory wood grips on the gun.

I expect I'll order a set for my 1911 from Precision Target Pistol Grips as well... which really is the bottom line endorsement I can give:
I'll be a repeat customer.


Doug Tiedt

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review 3D printed grips Empty Re: review 3D printed grips

Post by BerryhillAC on 7/10/2016, 10:20 am


Thanks for the kind words about our work together and the grip I made for you.  Our shooting community is so small that I know the only way I can continue to do this is to be sure that all of my customers are as satisfied with their experience as you are.  3d-printing doesn't magically create an instant perfect fit custom grip, but my goal is to provide a custom grip at a good price to shooters that sets them up to need far fewer adjustments than a traditional sized wood grip.  So far so good.  When I started the commercial part of this a few months ago I hoped to have about a dozen guns modeled.  Four months later I think I'm now getting close to 3 dozen different guns done with hands of all sizes and special issues delivered to customers.

Doug, when you're ready for your 1911 grips, let me know.   I can make your 1911 grips starting with the same digital model so they'll feel pretty close to identical in your hand.



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