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OT Granddaughters first time with BB gun.

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OT Granddaughters first time with BB gun. Empty OT Granddaughters first time with BB gun.

Post by Al 8/22/2016, 6:33 pm

Sorry for the off topic, but had to share.
I gave my 3 granddaughters their first BB gun last Christmas.  I've been working with the oldest (9 now) in the basement when they visit. She is very much a perfectionist & gets very frustrated when she doesn't hit the black every time, but also won't listen to the fundamentals, so I just sit there & let her shoot offering suggestions, but figuring she at least gets some trigger time.

So this weekend I pull it out and sit on the front porch with it, a cup of coffee and a diagram of sight picture and sight alignment.  Figured it was time she shoots outdoors and gets some trigger time at Grandpa's house (visits are about 1 or less/month).  The second one (age 7) comes up and asks if she can try it, she's never shot anything before.  So I go through the safety lesson about muzzle control, how to stand, hold, and spent a lot more time on proper sight picture than she wanted to. 

Now in full disclosure, she is my "hold my beer and watch this" personality and I fully expected her to go to it like a duck to water.  She did not disappoint me.  Her first 5 shots were hits on a 1# coffee can (4"x6")sized cardboard target about 20' away.  Then she went away & played hop scotch and skipped rope for a while & came back to do 8 of 10 at 25'.  To be honest, I had 2 failures to pick up a BB in the 5 shots that I shot, and as I was watching her form & issuing corrective suggestions instead of watching for the BB's flight, I don't know if any BB actually came out on those 2 misses.  I just didn't hear a hit on those.  The 9 year old never got a hit and wouldn't listen to the same instructions I gave her sister.  The 4 year old listened to the instructions but decided she didn't want to shoot that day so she just watched for a bit & went & played.

Now the conniving portion of my mind is thinking, Hey,you have that nice little m34 S&W round butt in the vault, that's what my kids started on at a younger age than that.  Then I could move her to one of my lighter MKII Rugers, then to one of the high standards and by the time she's 16, I have a shooting partner to take to Perry. 

Devious Grandpa,  YUP!


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OT Granddaughters first time with BB gun. Empty Re: OT Granddaughters first time with BB gun.

Post by C.Perkins 8/22/2016, 6:49 pm

That's what grandpa's are for Smile

Thanks for sharing.


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