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Anybody doing work on M-52's ?

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Anybody doing work on M-52's ? Empty Anybody doing work on M-52's ?

Post by Virgil Kane 11/13/2016, 10:50 am

First I have to say I bought this used and have no idea how many rounds through or owners this firearm has had.

It is an older S&W M-52 that has a tendency to reset the trigger to a very light trigger pull but not after every shot. At times just touching the trigger sets the round off after firing preceding rounds with a normal trigger pull.  Scary at times and totally unsafe!  It can go anywhere from 2 rounds to a whole match before this happens and is unpredictable when it does happen. The firearm has never doubled on me but I'm sure it's just a matter of time before it does.

The gun is clean and in inspecting the firearm the only thing I can see is a visibly worn sear and hammer full cock notch which I'm figuring is the culprit. The upper and lower trigger stop screws are adjusted properly, new sear spring installed and new plunger spring also. There is no binding with the trigger draw bar in the frame or on the magazines I have a new sear and hammer assembly but when put in WITHOUT re-cutting the sear and hammer angles I get hammer follow (which I expected). I don't know the angles of the 52 sear and hammer and don't think it's within my capabilities. I have done 1911 sear and hammer but I'm uncertain about tackling the 52.  

So after a short explanation of the problem I have, does anybody know who might still be working on M-52's ?  S&W said they do NOT any more.

Not my main gun or even a back-up for that matter. Bought more out of curiosity and always wanting a 52 but I would still like to get the thing running properly.


Virgil Kane

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Anybody doing work on M-52's ? Empty Re: Anybody doing work on M-52's ?

Post by AllAces 11/13/2016, 11:39 am

Give a call to KC Crawford.

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