Cleaning House Again: S&W's, AR's, Swede Rifles etc.

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Cleaning House Again: S&W's, AR's, Swede Rifles etc. Empty Cleaning House Again: S&W's, AR's, Swede Rifles etc.

Post by garysgun on 12/26/2016, 11:30 am

These S&W's are very collectable low mileage guns.  Just e-mail me at  for pictures & questions.

Model 41 Target 22 from Late 1960's Like New Condition.
I have owned this gun for 18 years and have only fired a clip through it. This gun has the 5 1/2" heavy barrel with cocking indicator as well as a "Pregnant" trigger guard which is rare to find. It just gives more room in the trigger guard. Perfect condition grips as well as over all bluing and condition of whole gun. Why buy a new gun when you can get a classic made in the late 60's when S&W really paid attention to quality and high polish blueing as well.     "SOLD"

S&W Model 34 also called Model 1953 .22/32 Kit Gun  with 4" barrel in excellent condition with blue box. Made in 1954 serial number 7026 this is a very early gun with adjustable rear sight as well. I have never fired this & owned it 17 1/2 years and it looks like it has been fired very little.   Excellent condition Diamond grips as well.    "SOLD"

S&W Model 10 in .38 Caliber made in 1948 in excellent condition. This larger framed gun has a 6 shot cylinder with nice Diamond grips on it. I had this 16 years and never fired it. $849

S&W K-22 Master Piece or Model 17-4 Blued 6" Revolver with target grips, target hammer as well as target trigger in excellent condition. Made in 1981 comes with original numbered box as well as original paperwork.  Never fired this one ether in 18 1/2 years ever.   $975

Bushmaster Factory AR-15 Carbine SBR's "Short Barreled Rifles" that were Law Enforcement Guns. Handled more than shot so real low mileage on these two. Removable carry handle leaves a Flat Top Upper Receiver for Scope Mounting, Red Dot or Folding Rear Sight. 11 1/2" Barrels look and point just great.  Must Transfer on Form 3 or 4.    $795 REDUCED

Bushmaster AR-15 Carbine Lower Receivers that have the now legal for civilians "Restricted Military/Government  Law Enforcement/ Export Use Only" on them. These Lowers were Law Enforcement Guns and will take any size upper. You could file a form 1 on one of these to make a SBR. When paperwork clears then put on your short barrel and be legal.  Or just but a 16" barreled upper and you are ready to shoot.  $325 REDUCED

Swede 96 rifle in 6.5x55 caliber that was customized by having the stock redone & long eye relief scope added. Every numbered part matches on this gun including the cleaning rod.  $395

Swede 96 made in 1899 with all matching numbers through out except small bolt release lever. Bolt inside firing pin and upper & lower wood match as well. Very nice shape and all original too.  $395

Thompson Center Single Shot TCR-83 Rifle in 22/250 caliber with a 25 3/4" heavy barrel with TC scope mounts. Now I added a brand new in box Simmons 6-18X40 AO Scope with Target Turrets. Excellent condition with nice wood. These are very well made guns that can change barrels and calibers very easy.   $795   Reduced

Voere Kufstein "Austrian Made" 22 semi auto clip fed rifle. This rare and well made gun I have owned for 21 years and only test fired it. Nice checkered front stock as well as rear grip along with sling swivels. It has a very good crisp sight pattern set of open sights with a hooded front sight.  $495 Reduced

Thompson Center 58 Caliber Black Powder Rifle in excellent shape. $295
Thompson Center Inline Black Powder Rifle in 50 Caliber  $295 NIB
Remington Target Master Model 510 Single Shot 22 made in 1948   $175

Prices are plus shipping approx. $25 each and must ship to an FFL dealer or C&R License
For more info & or pictures write direct to


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