WTS: Horton grip for Pardini SP SOLD PRF

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WTS: Horton grip for Pardini SP SOLD PRF

Post by Dipnet on 1/8/2017, 10:03 am

I am selling my Horton grip, made of lovely figured dark walnut, for my Pardini SPBE; it approximates the S&W m41 grip angle and comes with an additional "international" palm base for shooting international matches (figure 1). The grip has been carefully modified. The modifications are illustrated in second figure: 1, the thumb channel has been enlarged; 2, the area above the thumb knuckle has been enlarge; 3, the "tail" that overhung the grip was cut back to facilitate inserting and removing hand from the grip. I removed the lacquered finish on exterior flat surfaces, sanded with 600 grit, and oil finished (my preference).

My hand size is large (93mm across palm). The reason I enlarged the thumb area is my grip (and thumb position) change between the long line and short lines. I hate selling this beautiful grip; however, I simply shoot better with the high-rake grip.

$155 shipping plus insurance; payment with Postal Money Order. I will hold grip for first purchase offer and will ship immediately upon receipt of funds. Thanks, dipnet

See Target Talk for images of grip: http://www.targettalk.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=54276

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Re: WTS: Horton grip for Pardini SP SOLD PRF

Post by 285wannab on 1/14/2017, 11:02 am

If not sold my friend  definitely wants them.


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