New Ruger Mark IV

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New Ruger Mark IV

Post by Allen Barnett on 2/17/2017, 9:04 am

Okay guys now that the Ruger Mark IV has been out there for several months, how are they doing?  Any problems?  Failure to feed or eject?  Accuracy?  Are they staying tight with the new lock up system?  How many rounds have you fired with them without issues?  Basically what do you think of them are you satisified?  I just can't justify the expense of a Smith 41, Hammerli, Pardini, or any of the other high dollar pistols especially since most are way to big for my small hands.

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Re: New Ruger Mark IV

Post by Robbie610 on 2/17/2017, 5:41 pm

I have a Mark IV stainless target. The only significant issue with the Mark IV I'm aware of is that the receiver/barrel assembly on some of them doesn't seat tightly in the frame. As you're probably aware, the receiver/barrel assembly pivots at the front of the frame and locks up at the rear by means of a wedging arrangement which is designed to pull the the receiver into tight contact with the rear of the frame. On my gun, there was some looseness in the fit. This allowed the barrel/receiver to move laterally about .015" at the rear before coming into contact with the sides of the frame. Whether this looseness in receiver/frame fit affects the accuracy of guns with this problem hasn't been conclusively proven, as far as I know. In my gun it seemed to cause a slight, random, horizontal dispersion of shots. Others with loose receivers have sent their pistols back to Ruger to have the problem fixed. I fixed my gun myself. It was a simple job. Now, the receiver locks tightly at the rear of the frame with no discernible movement. As for reliability and accuracy - I'm more than satisfied. I've fired about 800 rounds through my Mark IV and have had one malfunction - a failure to eject which was caused by weak ammunition, not the gun. I have fired only standard velocity ammo in this gun, mostly CCI 40 grain standard velocity. The gun is at least as accurate as my Mark II and Mark III models and I have done nothing to it, other than fixing the receiver looseness I mentioned.  The trigger is factory stock with a pull weight of a little over four pounds and the typical amount of creep found in Ruger Mark series pistols. As it happens, I fired 100 rounds through it this morning. It fired a one inch, 20 round, group at 11 yards, offhand, standing. My average groups at that distance, with this gun, are about 1.5 inches. With an after market trigger, such as a Volquartsen setup, the gun is probably capable of better groups. I shoot with two hands and consider myself an OK marksman. I'm certainly not a real bullseye shooter.
 I hope this answers your questions.


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