SOLD: Nelson Conversion for sale or trade

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SOLD: Nelson Conversion for sale or trade

Post by Super Dave on 4/8/2017, 8:26 pm


I purchased this in January of 2014 from Larry at Nelson Custom Guns.

I have put a couple hundred rounds through it.  It functions fine.  I found it functions better with high velocity rounds.  But, I only tested it was a few brands of 22.  Accuracy is very good as expected.  I'm selling because I prefer shooting revolvers.  

Price reflects the rust on the sight rail and on the top of the barrel where it mates to the sight rail.  I have no idea how this happened.  It was never rained on.  Today was the first time I removed the sight rail from the barrel and was surprised to see corrosion there too.  I'm meticulous with my guns and was shocked to find this corrosion.  I had Greg Derr mill down the front sight to .100 wide when he was making me a dedicated lower for the conversion unit. 

One of the magazines was slightly modified to work with an older Colt 1911.  The second mag was not modified.  

Anyways, it should not be difficult to remove the corrosion if you are handy...  Nelson Custom sells replacement adjustable sight rail for $135 and the Weaver scope rail version for $95.

$325 shipped in a Priority Mail flat rate box.

The only trade I'm looking for is a Scatt USB kit and I will add cash.


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Re: SOLD: Nelson Conversion for sale or trade

Post by kc.crawford.7 on 4/9/2017, 10:24 am

I'll take it.  Email incoming.

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