WTS Mavel conversion unit one, 5 mags mint! $400. FIRM

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WTS Mavel conversion unit one, 5 mags mint! $400. FIRM

Post by Don Carson on 5/9/2017, 6:51 am

Up for sale is my Marvel 1911 conversion kit. It includes 5 mags, (2 metal,3 poly), total of three different recoil springs to tune the gun, case and tools.
I'm switching to USPSA and don't shoot this any longer.
 Its in excellent condition and shoots as new. The 5- shot test group is included with a group of an amazing .932" @ 50 yds.
 New cost for everything would be over $650,

Selling for $400. FIRM.
Will ship for extra $20. two day priority USPS

Below is the Marvel info from their website:
Convert any 1911 Semi-Auto pistol into one of the most accurate .22 pistols available.
 Tests from a machine rest have delivered groups around 1.8" at 50 yards ...
for 100 shots with inexpensive ammo, Compare that to extremely expensive European target pistols
 that boast 1-1/2" groups (measured center-to-center, which gives you a smaller
than edge-to-edge) at 50 yards for 10 shots. The secret to Marvel Conversion Unit's astonishing
accuracy is the same as for any breakthrough product: an innovative and unique design executed
by experts with top-quality production techniques and components.
Take the design, for instance, of the barrel locking system. The barrel underlug cutout is machined
 to precision specifications so when the recoil rod is tightened on to the slide stop, the barrel
is drawn down tightly. The barrel is solidly locked to the frame (only the slide moves).
Everyone knows minimal tolerances are a necessity for competitive target pistol. Here,
there are no tolerances because the barrel does not move or pivot, and the barrel does not depend
 on support at the muzzle from a moving slide. Notice also that the barrel is directly connected
to the sight rib or scope mount, again with no tolerances or play. With a solid barrel-to-frame
lockup, accuracy from a machine rest, with the frame locked down, is guaranteed
(this is mechanical accuracy). Also, with the sights solidly connected to the barrel,
accuracy of the shot via the sights is also guaranteed (this is handheld accuracy).
As we mentioned, precision components are also part of the formula. No more needs to be said about the quality
 of the barrels. We also utilize aircraft-grade billet aluminum and high-carbon steel.
All machining - barrel, slide and smaller parts - is done by CNC for incredible precision.
The slide is made from 7075 aluminum and contains a hardened-steel breech insert
(thus a steel-to-steel breech-to-barrel contact and no aluminum battering problems).
 Aluminum parts are anodized and steel parts are blued, both for corrosion resistance
and a rich appearance. Total weight is just over 16 ounces.
The Marvel .22 Conversion Unit converts any caliber 1911 Semi-Auto with no fitting required.
Installation time is under a minute, even if you're taking your time. It fits Government,
Commander and Officer Model 1911 Frames. Magazine fits all those models also, but will
extend below the bottom of the grip on the Officer Model.
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