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2 - SS pin Wet tumblers

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2 - SS pin Wet tumblers Empty 2 - SS pin Wet tumblers

Post by Russ OR 6/8/2017, 2:28 am

I use & like the Frankford Arsenal Platinum series Rotary tumbler. - The part I didn't like was doing the rinse/separate/tarnish inhibit stuff, etc. for 1 batch of 950± cases.
Got a 2nd FA Rotary tumbler. (sale $132 / free shipping-Walmart). Did one double batch so far -- - 10 minutes more and I get twice the clean brass now. ---  - And it'll be twice as long between brass cleaning.

These are not super heavy duty tumblers. Once motor mounts came loose-easy fix. - And once, hot day, the motor thermal kicked off - it cooled and took off right where it left off.  - Now, if it's hot I blow a small fan toward the air slots in the bottom.

I would've tried the Lyman rotary tumbler, but only one end of it opens. For rinsing out pins, etc. having both ends open is better.

Russ OR

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2 - SS pin Wet tumblers Empty Re: 2 - SS pin Wet tumblers

Post by joy2shoot 6/8/2017, 6:54 am

Thanks for the suggestion Russ.


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