.32ACP reloading with Mini Mr. Bulletfeeder

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.32ACP reloading with Mini Mr. Bulletfeeder Empty .32ACP reloading with Mini Mr. Bulletfeeder

Post by carykiteboarder on 6/26/2017, 10:02 am

I reload .32ACP for my Pardini.  The tiny .32ACP 60gr JHP bullets are a bit awkward compared to manual .45 bullet placement.  Also, with my Dillon 650, the tolerances are tight and if you're just a bit off, you get a crushed case or bullet seated slightly canted.  I decided to tinker.

If you buy a 6-tube magazine for .308 rifle and a 9mm bullet dropper die, you can make it work.  Here are the improvisation steps:

  • The clear plastic tubes have slight roughness and burrs from saw cuts.  It's easy to use a little sandpaper to get that cleaned up.
  • The .32ACP cases will not activate the dropper.  However, the cases are short enough that you can activate the bullet drop with the shell plate.
  • There is no .32ACP powder funnel.  You have to tweak the flaring of the case just right.  The bullets are short so that they are less prone to tipping than longer bullets would be.  The weight of the bullet stack tamps them just enough.

This is obviously not a supported configuration and there are "compromises" involved.  The most obvious is the dropper activation by shell plate.  When cycled with no case, there will be two bullets resting on the shell plate.  When the stack of bullets is down to the last few, you don't get as much weight for the tamp and that's when you are most likely to get bullet tipping when the shell plate rotates. That's usually a reminder to rotate the magazine to the next tube of bullets.

The result has been higher output and lower waste.  The higher output is less about cycle time than it is about not spending time chasing dropped bullets.  I also get fewer bullets seated crookedly and fewer crushed cases from the edge of a bullet snagging the edge of the case.  The magazine tubes hold ~34 bullets each so I load 200 (33,33, 34, 33,33, 34) per magazine.


Just thought I'd share...

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