Stainless Steel trigger shoe oops any offers?

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Stainless Steel trigger shoe oops any offers?

Post by Froneck on 7/23/2017, 10:28 pm

Was making a Stainless steel trigger shoe, type to fit trigger with 3 holes, narrow 7/16" wide, both sides the edges are rounded for use with first joint of finger on the trigger. Trigger has 4 setscrews. Everything is OK except the length, it's .025" short on one side. Typically the edge of the outside screws is .040 from the end of the shoe, one is on this shoe but the other is only .015. Will still work. Will work on solid trigger too. Needs to have the ends rounded. Will not work on very short triggers that protrude out of the frame when trigger is pulled to the stop 3/16" or less. Amount of corner rounding needed depends on the trigger length. Long triggers will probably need none to very little.
 $25 with the set screws, hex wrench and shipping included.
 Seems like no one wants the stainless steel shoe for use with the first joint, maybe it's the cost? Any Offers?? If not I'll finish it and sell it slightly less than the $65 I get for this shoe.


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