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It's that easy!

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It's that easy! - Page 2 Empty It's that easy!

Post by Mike38 8/5/2017, 12:41 pm

First topic message reminder :

Well, not exactly that easy, but.... I did some training this morning. Haven't touched a pistol in two weeks. Haven't even dry fired. Got set up, then the mental game.

1) Visualize the perfect shot.
2) Grip.
3) Sight alignment.
4) Focus on front sight.
5) Press the trigger.
6) Follow through.

Scoped my first shot. Looked like an X. Had to walk down range to verify. Yep, hole touching the letter X. It doesn't get any better than that. Second shot, 10 but to right, actually called it! It went a bit down hill from there, but shot a 267-5x NMC, which is outstanding for me.

So, those of us that are struggling, myself included, it is possible. Apply the basic fundamentals, and it's guaranteed you will put a hole in the black each and every time. Now if I could only do this in a match!

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It's that easy! - Page 2 Empty Re: It's that easy!

Post by rich.tullo 9/16/2017, 6:18 pm

Out of most Kart barrels 4.4 to 4.7 gn  groups the tightest using a 185gn Nosler or ZERO Jacketed Hollow Point loaded 1.2 to 1.21 OAL crimp 4.69. 

When I buy in bulk from Roze I am paying under $0.09 per bullet. Next time I do a big buy I may buy Magus because I like the 801 and I am loading a little long which seems to run in my backup gun. I have loaded those down to 3.8 WST and they function my slide mounted Wadguns.

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It's that easy! - Page 2 Empty Post-Irma fried

Post by Dipnet 9/20/2017, 2:38 am

Didn't make the 1800 match; still too fried from all the Irma lumber-jacking needed on my little 5 acre patch of (fewer) woods and healthy poison ivy. At least nothing fell on the house. If the new pattern of freaky weather continues, I'm going to have start exercising beginning about June just to get ready. I feel sorry for all the Caribbean residents who are getting scoured again and pray that we don't get whacked too. I live on the central "ridge" in N. Florida; the elevation in my front yard is ~75' and the general area is a little hilly. I don't know, however, what we'd do if we got 5' of rain like parts of the Houston area did.

I went to the range on Monday and practiced the visualization techniques and was able to keep 50-yd scores in the low 90s, which is good for me. About 95% of my performance hinges on attitude, being relaxed (i.e., controlling excitement) and especially feeling confident. All my personal bests occurred when I had strong sense of confidence. Learning how to replicate that at will is my biggest hurdle (and of course those errant senior moments with gear). Ciao, dipnet

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It's that easy! - Page 2 Empty Re: It's that easy!

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